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Christ Health Center & TIL team up beginning July 7th

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Take a few minutes and visit Christ Health Center (click logo below)Christ Health Center

You can also visit their page on Facebook here: Christ Health Center on Facebook  There you will find an excellent video which discusses in detail the mission & vision of  Christ Health Center.  Truth in Love is so thankful to God for the opportunity to partner with Christ Health Center!





Faith isn’t believing God can do it, it’s knowing He will!





Going batty!

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

I posted about a bat in my carport a few days ago! Well, they are back. We have bats “hanging out” in our carport.

Don’t misunderstand me when I cite Scripture that say these birds are “unclean” or “detestable” – that’s what the Lord called them because He did not want His children to EAT these birds/rodents/or whatever they are!

The Bible tells us about bats that they are “detestable” birds (Lev. 11:19) AND “unclean” birds to eat (Deut. 14:18). The Lord was protecting His children from eating these winged birds because of the diseases they carry!

“Unclean” doesn’t mean they do not have a purpose. Thankfully, all of God’s creation has a purpose and bats eat mosquitos and other diseased bugs. Bats really help us manage the mosquito population and a blessing from God. God just doesn’t want us to eat bats because He knows their purpose is to be scavengers! God has a purpose for all of His glorious, complex creations!

God is always loving us and protecting us. He knows some people might have been tempted to eat bats, especially years ago or in poverty-driven places.

For me, I like to eat but it’s doubtful I’d ever WANT to eat a bat.

Now, I’ve got to figure out how to give these bats a new home besides our carport. Any ideas?

I like bats and their God-given purpose but I don’t like for them to live at my house. Call me crazy. Actually, you could call me “batty” right about now.

-Mark (when I was a boy, I wanted to be Batman – I think I’ve changed my mind now)

A.W. Tozer on “prevailing winds”

June 29, 2009 Leave a comment

A friend told me that Tozer used to say that the “prevailing winds often blow toward hell.” What he meant is that popular opinion of the majority are often WRONG spiritually speaking.

As Christians, we are to be called out, holy, pure, and different from the world and its system of modern thinking (when it disagrees with the Word of God). Christians are rebels from the world but not rebels toward the Lord.

We must be careful to examine the world’s ideas to be sure that they line up with the Bible. If they don’t, then we must reject them by faith in God’s Word. In time, we’ll see that God’s Word is true.

Read Colossians 2:8. Apply that verse to many of the man-centered ideas in psychology. We must be careful to examine what in psychology that conflicts with God’s Word.

-Mark (reading and loving the Word of God more and more everyday)

True Story – I saw Saturn with my own eyes

June 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Recently, we were blessed to have been taught by Dr. Jason Lisle at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, at a “Stargazers Event.” What a great night!

Dr. Lisle, author of Ultimate Proof, is a brilliant, Christian man. He showed us globular star clusters, the space station that is orbiting the earth now, and the moon up close and personal. It was incredible and we never would have seen these things from our telescope in our backyard.

But the coolest part of it was that we got to see Saturn with its rings and three of its moons. I cannot describe to you how incredible it was to see Saturn through the telescope after looking at it in books for so many years. We were all amazed at how awesome our God is who NAMES all of the billions of stars in the heavens! What counseling problem is too big for Him?

God is our God of creation and His creation is marvelous. God is much more marvelous than His creation!

-Mark (blown away at God’s power)

Are you asking great things of God?

June 27, 2009 1 comment

We serve a BIG God and we need to be asking BIG things of Him because He alone is able to do BIG things. I’m not merely talking about believing for physical things like money, a new house, etc. I’m talking about spiritual things like breakthroughs for those who are lost or need to grow spiritually to overcome a problem that has plagued them for years!

One BIG thing we should ask Him for is the salvation of others, especially those who look like “hopeless” cases in our eyes. That’s the problem – every case is really hopeless in our eyes if we look to our own power…but it’s not hopeless in His eyes because He looks at a problem with His power!

Who is beyond the reach of God’s Hand of salvation? No one!

I love a challenge in a biblical counseling session because I serve a BIG God capable of transforming human lives!

Let’s pray and ask God for BIG things! Let’s believe God for BIG things! God is still in the business of transforming people’s hearts. He is turning our hearts back to Him!

-Mark (asking God for BIG things that look impossible to me, but my faith is NOT by sight, but must be by His might)

God is bigger than our errors

June 26, 2009 1 comment

Recently, someone said to me: “What I like about you is that you allow people to work for/with you – even those that disagree with some of your beliefs.”

That statement blessed me because it’s true. I do. And I know people are going to have erroneous theological beliefs but I believe that God is bigger than any error of ours!

God is into correcting errors. God is into redeeming sinful man. God uses me to help correct others’ errors. God uses others to correct my erroneous thinking, too! It’s straight from Eph. 4:15-16 which is about growth in the body of Christ (“speaking the truth in love”).

No one – none of us – have the market cornered on the truth. In other words, EVERYONE has erroneous beliefs about the Lord – we cannot understand Him completely in our finite brains – so don’t think you are the only one who’s capable of counseling someone biblically.

None of us understand God completely and while we endeavor to be as biblically accurate as possible, we all have wrong beliefs that need the correction of God by His Spirit through His Word. That’s where teamwork in biblical counseling is essential in growing the body of Christ.

-Mark (thankful God is the Redeemer of all of my errors)

Have Weddings and Baptisms become meaningless?

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Surely not, but I’m beginning to wonder if PEOPLE really understand what these ONE time / ONE day events symbolize.

A wedding is but ONE day but a marriage is a lifetime. When a marriage ends in divorce, the wedding becomes almost meaningless.

A baptism is a ONE day public proclamation of one’s faith in Christ. When a person chooses to walk away from his/her faith, the baptism becomes almost meaningless.

My single point in this blog is simply this – what makes a WEDDING and a BAPTISM meaningful is the LIFE that follows in the daily walk of the believers who strive to glorify God by being obedient to Him.

-Mark (learning that the symbols point us to the unfailing love of Christ)