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Fireproof now showing!

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Check out this trailer from the movie FIREPROOF now in Theaters!




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One of the things I love about the 20+ volunteers who serve in this ministry is their unity in Christ. There is no DEBATE over who is the Head of this ministry because He is the Head of His body – the church!

Jesus Christ is Lord and while some would like to debate that truth, there is no debate since it is TRUE today and forever. In fact, everyone will be unified around this truth one day as the Bible says, “every knee will bow…and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Glory of God the Father.” (Phil. 2:10)

-Mark (no debate in my mind)

P.S. Thank you all for serving Christ, our King, in this ministry!

The Bible found in surprising places! (part 3)

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Recently, my family took a one day trip to DeSoto Caverns in Childersburg, AL. We went with no expectations. All I knew was that I really, really wanted to go inside the caverns and I wanted our children to go in the caves, too. I wanted them to know what a cavern was.

When we got inside, the tour guide joked about alcohol and that lifestyle which was offensive to us but wonderful to the others. However, at the end of the tour, they turned off all of the lights and it was pitch black – perfectly dark.

Then, they had a light show with the voice of a man reading Genesis 1 & 2. Wow, what a show! Great lights put to God’s Word and my children were there to hear it. I had no idea that would happen! What a blessed surprise.

-Mark (learning daily that God orders my footsteps)

The Bible found in surprising places! (part 2)

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Watch tv for a week and write down every time you hear the word “sin” mentioned on any show! You likely will not hear that word at all during the entire week. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the word “sin” is deleted from the English dictionary one day in the distant future.

Recently, I did hear political analyst, Mr. Fred Barnes, on a political show say the word “sinful” which is a word I RARELY hear on tv and when I do, it’s wrongly used or joked about sarcastically.

It was shocking to hear on tv and the other political analysts laughed at him. It was NOT shocking to hear that word from Mr. Fred Barnes who is a committed Christian. In fact, I have attended a worship service with him and have heard him speak to a very solid congregation of biblical Christians!

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by politicians or tv personalities’ Christian comments?

-Mark (wishing our culture would begin to acknowledge God and His Word in the public arena)

ESV Study Bible coming October 2008

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Checkout this youtube video on the upcoming release of the NEW ESV STUDY BIBLE available from Crossway Publishing.  This Bible will be a great study tool and addition to your Christian Library. The video highlights the FREE online ESV Study Bible everyone receives with the purchase of a print copy.  Take A Look…



Expect a miracle!

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How many of you are familiar with the story of Lazarus found in John 11? When you read this chapter of God’s Word, what questions or thoughts come to mind? I have read this story on more than one occasion. Only recently has God opened my eyes to an awesome perspective of the miracle He performed in Judea.

What did Lazarus have to do with his healing and resurrection? Think about that for a minute two… If you are like me, I couldn’t come up with anything that Lazarus actually had to do with his healing.  In fact, he was DEAD!  It was Mary and Martha who prayed believing God for his healing. Because of Mary and Martha’s faith, Jesus showed up, intentionally after Lazarus had died to show the power and glory of God!

What this shows me is that we are to NEVER GIVE UP  in our prayers and belief when it comes to our friends and loved ones who are either wandering from the cross, sick, or perhaps still yet to come to know Him personally.

God is giving us opportunities to believe in Him and grow our faith when we committ to praying for difficult situations. This is when His power is perfected!

So the next time you struggle with wondering if your prayers are making difference, turn to the story of Lazarus and BELIEVE!

This Lord’s Day, take a few minutes out and read the story of Lazarus and consider the alternate title, THE STORY OF MARY AND MARTHA’s belief in JESUS! Even though they wavered in their faith, Jesus showed up and strengthened them with a MIRACLE they once EXPECTED!

Scriptures to read John 11:1-44 & Luke 18:1-8  (never give up in prayer)

-Jason (what an awesome role we “get to” play in God’s grand story of redemption)

The Bible found in surprising places! (part 1)

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My family recently got into watching the last season of the Food Network show: The Next Food Network Star. Aaron McCargo Jr. won the show and he was our family’s choice to win. We hoped Aaron would win and here’s why.

We were watching one of the last episodes as it showed the final contestants and Aaron was sitting in a rocking chair reading a Holy Bible. We were shocked that this non-religious show would display someone reading the Word of God for the whole world to see! A man reading his Bible in a time of need was shown on a secular show. Then, a few episodes later, he was selected as the winner because his personality was the most authentic and fun.

I love it when the world sees us reading our Bibles! Bravo, Aaron McCargo Jr.!

-Mark (loving the Bible on tv)