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God’s Rest

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Someone handed me a quote (source unknown) that said:

“We do not enter into God’s Rest because we are continually striving to sanctify the wilderness experience.”

In other words, we are often living in rebellion to God’s Word and yet wanting Him to bless and prosper us in our disobedience.

The children of Israel failed to enter into the Promise Land even though God had said He would give it to them! Only Caleb and Joshua said that they could conquer the land and the other 10 spies convinced the people of God that the land could not be conquered.

Let me assure you of this: God has already given us His Word and the Holy Spirit to conquer the lies of this world and of Satan that say that you cannot be effective doing biblical counseling! He says you can share His Word and the Holy Spirit will do the rest!

So be bold in your faith and preach the Gospel to those who desperately need to hear it and be saved so that they may enter into God’s Rest for them!

-Mark (glad this is the message of biblical counseling!)


Biblical Soul Care is TIL’s new term!

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Psychology means the “study of the soul” and quite frankly, that’s all secular psychologists do. They study the inner person of man that we call the soul. Some psychiatrists can give medicines but is that helping the soul or the body?

When a soul is troubled and needs Christ, does that soul need medicine or Christ? The truth of God’s Word must be delivered in the love of the Holy Spirit. Only the power of Christ can heal the human soul and He works through His body to do just that.

Therefore, what we do must be called “biblical soul care” because that is what we are doing. We are caring for a person’s soul with an ETERNAL perspective in place.

We sometimes call it biblical counseling or discipleship or mentoring and it is all of that but the over-arching term must be biblical SOUL CARE. You will be hearing us say this term a lot from now on because this is what we do under the authority of the local church.

We care for your soul and want to train you to care for the souls of others. Every Christian must care for souls!

-Mark (thankful for the great responsibility the Lord has entrusted to me to care for souls)

What is the “heart” biblically speaking?

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Society mistakenly promotes the “heart” as ONLY emotions sometimes today but the “heart” refers to the central part and CORE of someone’s inner person.

The HEART, biblically speaking, includes THINKING according to Strong’s Concordance: “fountain of thoughts…”

So when you think of your heart, think about your inner self including thoughts, emotions, attitudes, desires, passions, motives, etc. and you’ll better be able to understand what the Bible means by “heart.”

We are to trust God with all of our heart (Prov. 3:5) and we are to love God with all of our heart (Matt. 22:37). In biblical counseling, this is what we direct our counselees to do every daybecause only God can be fully trusted. God has the power to transform hearts and to conform them into His heart of compassion. Then, He gives us the desires of our hearts (Ps. 37:3-7) as we delight ourselves in Him!

-Mark (thankful God changed my heart and gave me the capacity to love and trust in Jesus Christ)

Special thanks to Jason Cooke!

July 18, 2009 4 comments

Doing a GREAT job providing biblical counseling!

Jason does NOT give advice. Instead, he points people to Christ and His Word of truth in a loving, gentle, and firm way. Jason is often led by the Spirit as he works with people. His confidence is in Christ, not himself.

Jason gets what it’s all about. God is using him in a mighty way and I’m thankful to God for Jason “Mr. Biblical” Cooke!

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-Mark (awed by the grace of God in Jason’s life as he continues to grow stronger in the Lord daily)

“Snapshot Counseling”

March 7, 2009 Leave a comment

It is March 1st in Birmingham, AL, when I wrote this…and it’s snowing for the first time all year.

So I thought to myself, what if we had visitors to our city today from Asia and they only came to B’ham today. What would they think about our city? What conclusions would they reach?

Well, they might think that we are a winter wonderland like Canada since it is covered in snow and snowing in March! They may make a faulty interpretation that this is how B’ham is all of the winter (when it has not snowed all winter – not once until today!).

These well-intended persons may go back to Asia and tell their families all about snow-bound B’ham, AL, and give a false impression about our city’s climate, people, etc.

Apply this to biblical counseling: When you meet someone for the first session, you get impressions, too. Yes, you gather data and factual information but you only have a short period of time to evaluate what they are telling you. You, too, can make wrong interpretations about your counselees after just 1 session!

This is why homework is important. We assign homework to evaluate whether the counselee really is motivated to please God and to change – or not. It’s their responsibility to do their homework! Not mine! And it demonstrates to me whether they are really serious about addressing the issues or they are just meeting with the counselor to tell people, “I went to counseling. It didn’t help.”

We must be careful not to judge people after the first session of biblical counseling. It’s simply one snapshot picture of the counselee’s life. Give more time to really see whether they are motivated or not – based upon the simple objective data of the completion of homework between sessions!

-Mark (desiring to do more than “snapshot” counseling – desiring God to change hearts and lives)

What To Do with “Self”

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment

The world often teaches people that they need more self-control but that’s not what the Bible teaches.

The Bible teaches that SELF is NOT the source of control. Self is NEVER the source of power for control.

Instead, self is the OBJECT to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the SOURCE of control that directs self. In the Bible, the “self” is also called the “flesh” and Romans 8:8 tells us that those who are in the flesh “cannot please God.”

What pleases God is Holy Spirit filled, directed, and empowered living which ALWAYS is in perfect agreement with true, biblical principles.

Christians are to yield themselves to the Holy Spirit’s leading and not fulfill the desires of the flesh. Self is to be under the control of the Holy Spirit at all times. That’s what we biblical counselors promote – Holy Spirit led living in accordance with God’s Word.

-Mark (biblical teachings make more sense to me daily)

Huge Announcement: CAREER TRANSITION COUNSELING now available through TIL!!!

February 21, 2009 Leave a comment

By God’s grace, we are offering CAREER TRANSITION COUNSELING through Truth in Love Ministries!

We are doing this to meet the need due to the economic crunch that our country is currently grappling with. We are offering FREE biblical, career counseling to anyone desiring to change careers. We have someone who specializes in this area donating counseling time to Truth in Love on a limited basis.

Please pray that the Lord will supply us with more financial resources so that we might provide this badly needed service to more people and churches in the Birmingham area.

If you would like to give to support this new facet of our ministry, the online giving tab is available through our website ( OR you can mail in a payment to us at:

PO Box 367

Clay, AL 35048

Call Ronny at 205-910-0085 to make an appointment at Philadelphia Baptist Church next week!

-Mark (thankful that God allows us to minister to hurting people in a variety of ways)