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Learning to Die (part 1)

July 31, 2009 1 comment

I am learning to die to self daily.

How about you? Are you a walking dead man? Are you denying your flesh’s desires? Are you saying “no” to sin? It’s tough to do even though we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. That’s why we need the Word of Christ dwelling in us richly according to Colossians 3:16.

Consider yourself dead to the desires of the flesh. Do what Christ wants you to do which might be a very hard thing to do. Walking by faith is always challenging but God is faithful. We can trust Him fully!

-Mark (learning to be a zombie)


To whom are you spiritually submitted?

July 30, 2009 Leave a comment

I cannot believe how foreign a concept “submission” is to God’s people.

In our flesh, we hate the idea of “submission” because we want to do what we want to do. However, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we learn to surrender to Christ and His Plan for our lives. We submit our will to do the Will of God (Phil. 2:13).

Practically speaking, to whom are you spiritually submitted? Your pastor? An elder? A deacon? Do these people really know you? Can you call on them when you need biblical wisdom and direction?

I encourage you to find someone who can spiritually direct you. This person likely would be a leader in your church, available to you, biblically-knowledgeable, and has a heart for God which means the person would not take advantage of you. Submit to this person’s leadership in your life unless the person tells you to sin because you do NOT have to submit because we are never to sin against God for any reason.

Pastoral care is best for submitted vessels who understand that God honors the spiritual authority of His appointed undershepherds who are to lead the flock of God.

The beauty of submission is that it actually gives you freedom and peace of mind knowing that God is pleased when we submit to the spiritual authorities in our lives.

-Mark (grateful for this wonderful principle that has been lost in much of the church world today)

Glory Revealed 2

July 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Been listening to this new album and loving it!

Great lyrics! All of the lyrics are biblically based and true to the text. It’s great to listen to and I love for my children to learn the Bible while they listen to the great music.

Thanks to David Nasser, a great speaker, who loves Jesus and proclaims Him as an evangelist to the lost!

Mac Powell of Third Day did a great job as well.

Let’s pray for these brothers and for this album to show many the GLORY that God has REVEALED to us through our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

-Mark (blessed by music that praises God with His very own Word of truth!)

What are you focusing on?

July 28, 2009 1 comment

Good or evil?

What we look at & listen to – affects our outlook and what we talk about. People say the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” and it’s true. That’s why what we put into our brains must be those things that are pure, lovely, true, etc. from Philippians 4:8. We see God glorified in the pure things of this life!

When we focus upon Christ, our outlook is positive and our assurance is positive. When we listen to His Word through biblical teaching and simply reading His Word in our quiet times, we think positively and realistically about Who Christ is and who we are. Biblical counseling is successful when people focus 100% of their attention upon Christ and not themselves, the evil in this world, or upon Satan.

If your attitude stinks today, reflect upon what you are focusing upon and listening to? Is it the lies of Satan and the evil in this world OR is it upon Christ and His grace for you? Purposely set your mind on things above and not on things that are temporal (Col. 3:1-3).

-Mark (basking in the glory of the Lord today and battling the lies of Satan on many days in a fallen, sin-cursed world)

3 Board meetings in 6 days!

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

God is doing so much! Christianity is alive and well.

True followers of Christ are allowing God to lead them and to work through them by His mighty Spirit. The power of God to transform hearts and change lives is alive and well when you look to Him and the truth of His Word.

I love the John 8:31-32 verses about “abiding in the Word” so that the “truth will set you free.” God’s Word is love! And it is powerful.

I am serving on 3 Boards right now and I’m so blown away at what the Lord is doing! God is accomplishing His purposes in the lives of His children! Compassionate biblical counseling is one vehicle the Lord is using to change lives and to point people back to Him. He is truly turning the hearts of men and women back to Him!

-Mark (blessed to serve the awesome God of the Universe)

A defeated foe!

July 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Last time I checked, Satan is a defeated foe!

In Luke 10:18, Jesus said “…I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven…” That ought to motivate to trust in God in all biblical counseling sessions for all problems!

Enough said.

-Mark (thankful that God is sovereign and His power is stronger than the evil one)

The Heart of Addiction – why I wrote this book!

July 25, 2009 2 comments

I wrote The Heart of Addiction for one primary purpose: to glorify God by pointing people to Christ and His Word for the answer for all types of “addictions.”

Glorifying God means honoring His Word which is THE most powerful weapon in overcoming any and all “addictions.”

Sadly, the Bible is one of the most unused resources for battling addictions. THE most powerful weapon for addicts to use is God’s Word since it partners with the Holy Spirit to bring about mind renewal and real, permanent change (Rom. 12:1-2 and Eph. 4:23).

Don’t turn to the world’s best ideas for solutions to your problems. Turn to Christ and His love and His Word of truth.

-Mark (still can’t believe I’m a published author)