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Where does wisdom come from?

May 1, 2011 Leave a comment

In the very first proverb, God sets the tone for the entire book with a purpose statement in verse 7: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Do you fear the Lord?

If so, that is the very beginning of knowledge.

Fools (who say in their heart that there is no God according to Psalm 14:1) despise wisdom and instruction; in other words, they do not listen to advice! They do not heed warnings!

So, before you can even begin to dig into the knowledge and manifold wisdom of God, you must first fear Him. I heard a great preacher say that the fear of God is the fear that you might bring shame to His glorious reputation and Name by your sins; therefore, you would not choose to sin against God as a believer.

To fear God, one MUST be a Christian. No if’s and’s or but’s about it, you must be a Christian to fear the Lord God and to benefit from the manifold wisdom He offers in His Word.

So as we search through proverbs each day this month, the first thing to consider is: do you fear the Lord?

If so, then you will find wisdom more abundantly than silver and gold.

-Mark (“Lord, may I fear You above all other fears”)


May’s theme is a rhyme!

May 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Every month so far this year in 2011, we’ve matched letters. For example, January was Jesus month, February was Family month, March was Marriage month, and April was Answers month. Now, in May, there is no matching letter for the theme I want to do so I am just going to do a little rhyme. We want to look at the manifold wisdom of God in a little book He wrote called Proverbs! Each day, we will choose a proverb or two of the day to reflect upon. So, May is Proverb of the Day month!

What’s great about Proverbs is that there are 31 chapters so it’s perfect to sync one chapter with each day.

Billy Graham did this – he read a proverb for whatever day of the month it was – every day for most of his life. On the 1s, he read the 1st proverb and on the 2nd, the 2nd proverb – every day for every month of most of his life. No wonder he was so very wise! He was learning wisdom from God, the source of all true wisdom!

Let’s be like Billy this May as we deem this month: “May the Proverb of the Day” and let’s witness the Manifold Wisdom of God in Proverbs.”

-Mark (thankful for one of the most valuable books for biblical counselors, Proverbs)