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The Importance of Language – Psychology vs. Bible

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Many do NOT see the importance of language. Words point us in a direction. They are NOT neutral. For biblical counselors, we are constantly redefining and renaming psychological observations and descriptions with biblical words for the heart issues behind the behaviors (like using the word “habitual” rather than “compulsive” and calling something a “sin” rather than a “disease”).

For example, the label OCD offers no hope to a counselee. While it is a valid observation of someone caught in the HABITUAL behaviors stemming from the heart issues of the love of control OR inordinate fear, OCD is a hopeless diagnosis. The only hope for OCD in the worldly sense, is medication because it is a supposed lifelong “disease” and “disorder” – Christ is NOT an answer of hope for the worldly psychologist treating this problem.

Not so for a biblical counselor. We see OCD (that is non-organic, and most cases are!) as a sin issue of the heart. A Christian counselee must confess their thoughts as sin against a holy God – sins of loving control, focusing upon self more than Christ (idolatry), sins of action stemming from inordinate fear, etc. Some think this is harsh but it is life-giving to those who know Christ because He died for our sins and enables us to have the power to overcome our sins!!!

In fact, the Bible offers practical help to overcome thoughts that lead to the description of OCD so that a believer who wants to fight it, can do so by the power of the Holy Spirit. Eph. 4:22-24 gives us one tool to overcome the description of OCD.

Biblical counselors agree with the description of OCD – same behavioral problems and problematic thought patterns are described.

However, biblical counselors DISAGREE with the prescription for OCD – proponents of psychology can only offer medications that have numerous side effects and only slow down the problem. Truly biblical counselors work with the heart and thoughts of those who struggle with OCD and watch Christ bring real hope and help to the struggling person.

OCD is a real description for hurting souls. The real prescription is found in the person of Christ and His infallible Word of Truth: the Bible. You have to use biblical words to address the problem in a hopeful way – or else there is no hope.

-Mark (thankful to the many who are battling OCD and overcoming it without medications and to the glory of God)


Are you “Embracing Accusation” ??

November 28, 2008 4 comments

This song by Shane & Shane from their album PAGES is so moving….  What do you think?


-Jason  (He redeemed us from the curse of the law!)

A great question by a THANKFUL 8 year old before Thanksgiving…

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I just want to thank you all for your prayer support this past year. We have needed it and the hurting souls we care for in biblical counseling sessions need it, too.

I love November primarily for the reason of Thanksgiving. It gives me an excuse to “boast about the Lord” and to share the Gospel.

After hearing a Christmas song on the radio in early November, my 7 year old daughter asked me, “Why don’t they play Thanksgiving songs on the radio, Daddy, like they do Christmas songs?”

I paused to think before responding with this, “We do sing thankful songs in church on Sundays to God all of the time, but the radio doesn’t play those songs.” What else could I say? My daughter knows very little about the fallen world of unbelief that exists outside our home. She thinks everyone should be thankful to God…and she’s right.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear Thanksgiving songs on the radio each year in October and November? Let’s start a new tradition.

-Mark (thankful for my children who provoke me to greater thoughts about my loving Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ)


November 25, 2008 1 comment

Music is a tough thing to recommend, nonetheless…if you have never heard of the Christian music group, Downhere, I highly recommend you get their new album: The End is the Beginning; but only IF you like “Christian rock.”

Lyrically, these guys are great as they are very biblical. One of their songs says: “The Problem with the World is Me.” These guys really understand how sinful the hearts of men can be (Jer. 17:9) and how big God is. They understand both the justice and grace of God – rare in any music group, much less a Christian rock group.

One lyric from a song off of a previous album that sums up Truth in Love Ministries is “Little is Much When God is in it” – how true for all of us at TIL!

-Mark (check out this theologically-sound group, Downhere)

Desperation Band

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

This weekend I had a chance to go and spend time with youth at our annual youth conference.  This year the worship was lead by Jared Anderson, lead singer of the Desperation Band.    

(Note:These are not the music videos that correspond with the songs)





-JASON  (GOD Inhabits the praises of His people Psalm 22:3)

4 Re-commitments to Christ in 15 hours of biblical counseling!

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

In the past 2 days (only 15 hours of counseling), we’ve seen 4 people re-commit their lives to Jesus Christ!

Wow! We are seeing an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon His people in an unbelievable way!

Praise the Lord that He is using our little ministry to do BIG things for His glory!

-Mark (thankful that God allows me to serve Him in this ministry)

Fireproof movie (part 4)

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

There are so many great aspects in this movie. For example, the relationship between a father and son is a wonderful depiction of Christianity.

The movie will challenge you and motivate you to be a better spouse, a better son, a better daughter, and a better person!

-Mark (thankful that God is making me better day by day Phil. 2:12-13)