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Moving lay persons from SPECTATOR to PARTICIPANT

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Tired of sitting on the sidelines? Get into the game of ministry with TIL!

No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl – this is BIGGER! This has eternal implications as well as temporal benefits.

Take our training course and join us in providing TEAM biblical counseling to hurting souls all over B’ham. Many of those souls are sitting in churches on Sundays and simply do not know where to turn for biblical help.

After you take the training course, we’ll prayerfully find a place for you to do the work of ministry as a participant on a team with TIL so that you’ll learn and grow with a mentor! You’ll get “hands on” experience in ministry.

If interested, email Jason at !

-Mark (thankful to watch the Lord provide spiritual growth to those participating in Truth in Love Ministries!)


Day 22 Whatcha Gonna Do?

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

For those of you who do not know, my home Church, Church of the Highlands has been in a time of prayer and fasting for the last 21 days.  Every year we take time at the first of the year to seek God and quiet ourselves from the world.  


Last year this time a good friend and I found ourselves asking each other, DAY 22 Whatcha gonna do?  Our concern was that all the time we had spent with the Lord, was going to in some way entitle us to “take a break” for a few weeks. Like we had earned something…. Or in some way achieved something…. Almost in a way missing what the time is all about….


Well here we are again finishing up this year and the question is posed once more…. Personally I have tried to journal over the last three weeks.  My prayer is that I will take the following three weeks and day by day go back over what God has been revealing to me.


If you would like to learn more about this time of prayer and fasting , you can visit my pastor’s blog and read his daily writings over the last three weeks…here



-Jason (so glad to be dialed in with the one who Created me)



Jeremiah 32:27











Numbers for 2008 (part 2)

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

“Wow, praise God” is all we can say about our 2008 numbers (see other post). I waited to post these numbers until AFTER our board of directors met.

Not only did we counsel last year, but we taught a total of  73  hours and 790  participants.

By God’s grace, our ministry is having an impact in the lives of many. Our most important numbers are as follows:

5    Conversions

and   15   Re-commitments to Christ.

Those conversions are also leading others to Christ, too! Talk about replication!

This is what we are most pleased with and thankful to Christ because He alone has the power to save souls!

We praise God for His fruit produced by Him through His ministry using us in  different locations!

-Mark (praising God to be used by Him for His own glory)

Numbers for 2008 (part 1)

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

We had a great year in terms of the fruit produced by Christ Himself last year. 2008 was a great year for our limited, part-time ministry.

We met with 637 counselees (not all new, some of those were repeat).

We utilized 450 biblical counselors (again, many of those were repeated).

We had 745 biblical counseling hours in 613 total sessions.

Most sessions were with individuals (317) while other sessions were with married couples (169). Children and families occupied the remaining sessions.

Praise the Lord!

More to come tomorrow…


-Mark (wow! thank you, Jesus!)

Psalm 23:1

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Was reminded tonight by Pastor Larry Stockstill of Bethany Church in Louisiana, that “I SHALL NOT WANT”….. wow….. Chew on that cud a bit…. There is more than enough in the opening verse….  What a great reminder it is to us sheep…. Just enjoy rest in our Sheperd’s care….



-Jason (by God’s grace, more intentional in not wanting…)

Hope for Kenya

January 29, 2009 2 comments

I met with Kenyan Pastor Joseph Kirwa today about the possibility of going to Kenya in August 2009 on a short-term missions trip to teach biblical counseling & discipleship principles to the PASTORS in Kenya.

Please be in prayer about this that the Lord would lead us to do His will.

Pastor Joseph counsels with me here on Fridays and wants Kenyans to be knowledgeable about the truth of God’s Word so that the Holy Spirit will grow the people of Kenya. This opportunity is perfect for our type of ministry AS the Lord wills.

-Mark (thankful for men like Joseph who have a burden for the lost people of Kenya)

“Fireproof” movie out on DVD today!

January 27, 2009 2 comments

The DVD is released today! We purchased two of the movies to have one for ourselves and one to loan to some people in our church. We are hoping they will watch it and buy a copy, too!

If you haven’t seen this movie, we recommend you see it to strengthen your relationship with God and others. It not only has a great message but it is funny with good action scenes and solid acting.

-Mark (allowing the Lord to work through me to “fireproof” the marriages we see in biblical counseling everyday!)