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Comment I heard recently…

September 4, 2011 1 comment

“Anything I place in front of my recovery I will lose anyway.”


How about this statement instead: “Anything I place in front of Christ I will lose anyway.”

Recovery or Christ? Is recovery the god of the person who made the first statement above? Maybe. Recovery is certainly the most important “thing” in the person’s life! Our goal must not ONLY be to stay clean and sober (recovery) but our goal must be to glorify God with our lives and to live for Him alone!

You may be thinking I am splitting hairs over this but it’s important and an important distinction. The biblical word is transformation anyway – not recovery! God wants more than just recovery; He wants a transformation for the person struggling with an addiction. Praise God!

-Mark (wanting more than just sobriety; wanting to know Christ more deeply and wanting to glorify His Name!)


September is National “Recovery” Month – How about Nat’l Transformation Month instead!?!

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s September which means one thing: it’s National Recovery Month!

While I like the word “recovery,” I love the biblical word, “transformation”, so much better because God wants more for the person struggling with an addiction!

II Cor. 3:18 and Romans 12:2 remind us that God wants to transform our minds by making us more Christ-like! His plan is fantastic and is more than just staying clean and sober! So let’s rename this month from what the world calls it and call it what God calls it: National Transformation Month.

Really, every month of the entire year is national transformation month because God is still in the business of transforming lives for His own glory!

-Mark (glad God is transforming me daily)

National Recovery Month

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

September is National Recovery Month to draw more attention to “recovery” from addictions. While “recovery” is a good word, God wants more for His children than recovery. He uses the word “transformation” in the Bible found in Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 3:18. “Transformation” in those verses comes from the Greek word where we derive the word, “metamorphosis.”

The best picture of a metamorphosis is found in God’s nature: when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. That conversion is exactly what we are talking about when someone becomes a Christian and begins to be transformed by the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus Christ.

Recovery has the idea of being what I once was. For example, after my neck surgery, I wanted to be in the recovery room and I wanted to recover by getting back to normal. Well, for Christians, I think most of you understand that we don’t need to go back to who we once were – we need to be changed into His image: into the image of Christ. We are new creations in Christ Jesus (II Cor. 5:17). The old caterpillar is gone and now we are butterflies who are learning to be like Christ every day!

So, yes, it’s national recovey month and that’s an ok word, but for a Christian, we want to “Be Transformed” into the likeness of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit as we read and DO the Word of God (I Tim. 4:7-8; James 1:22).

Maybe next year it will be “National Transformation Month” for Christians!

-Mark (grateful to be transformed by the power of Christ)

Recovery vs. Transformation? Which do you want?

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I heard someone say, “I just want to go back to the days when I was 5 years old and didn’t have this abuse happen to me. I want to go back to those days before I became an addict. I want to be a better me.”

I understand that sentiment. I really do. But here’s the real deal: God doesn’t want you to return back to when you were 5 years old. He wants greater than that for you because He wants you to become LIKE His Son, Jesus! Imagine that!

Jesus was perfectly just, loving, truthful, and gracious (see John 1:14). You can be, too, by the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within you (2 Tim. 1:14).

So, to my understanding, a recovery is a good thing. It’s just temporarily focused. A transformation, on the other hand, is a great thing. It’s eternally focused with power for good in this life and in the life to come forever!

Transformation is our goal for counselees because it’s God’s goal. He wants us to “be transformed” by the power of His might.

-Mark (I want to be made new, made like Christ, so I can be someone who glorifies the King of Kings)

Are you in recovery or being transformed?

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Some of you reading this blog are in recovery from an addiction.

Others of you reading are being transformed from an addiction.

So what’s the difference?

I’m going to lay it very plainly to you like this and I hope you don’t get offended: Unbelievers are in recovery. Believers in Christ are being transformed.

2 Corinthians 3:18 and Romans 8:29 tell us that God’s goal for us is to be transformed into the likeness and image of His Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. So, for Christians who believe in Christ for eternal life, they are being transformed into Jesus daily for the glory of God.

However, for unbelievers, they are simply recovering from an addiction and surviving. They are what they once were and are simply clean and sober.

But the goal for Christians is NOT just clean and sober. It’s “Be Transformed” into His image!

According to the Word, unbelievers are going nowhere good eternally. They are going to hell. They have nothing to look forward to so this life is all they have. They are recovering from a problem and in an improved condition though it is still a FATAL condition with no hope eternally.

Believers have hope. Hope to be transformed. Hope to have the power of Christ to say “no” to addiction and say “yes” to Christ.

So are you being transformed or are you simply in recovery?

-Mark (I am being transformed and it feels good!)

“I am in recovery”

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Some of you may not get the joke but some of you will – I can imagine someone saying to me: “Mark is finally admitting he is in recovery after neck surgery!”

One of the heartbeats of our ministry is that Christ “transforms” us from “addict/idolater” to “new creation in Christ.” It’s NOT merely a recovery but a transformation.

Now that I’m physically recovering from neck surgery, I am in “recovery” which is a very good word, especially for physical problems. It’s better to be in recovery after surgery than in the morgue!

“Recovery” is a good word. It means to reclaim one’s old self which is what I want to do after this physical injury and surgery. BUT that’s NOT what I want to do when I am spiritually enslaved to an “addiction”! I don’t want to recover, I want Christ to transform me! Spiritual problems require a “transformation” not just “recovery” according to the Word.

Christ wants MORE for me than recovery – He wants a transformation that only His power can bring. He wants me to be new and not my old self reclaimed.

I know it may not sound like much of a difference at first but this key principle is the thrust of the biblical counseling movement for all “addictions” (which are really forms of idolatry but that’s a blog for another day).

2 Cor. 3:18, Rom. 12:2 and Eph. 4:22-24 reminds me that by the power of the Holy Spirit, I will be transformed into the likeness and image of Christ Himself.

The ESV of 2 Cor. 3:18 states: “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” That “same image” is that of Christ and He is at work in us by His Spirit. Praise His Name!

– The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001 (2 Co 3:18). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

-Mark (hard to believe that I am looking more like Christ every day)