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“getting some love”

I hear these phrases like “so and so artist is getting some love from other artists in music” and it makes me sad. Why?

Because they are misusing the word “love” – that’s not what this is! It’s not love. It’s attention. It’s publicity. It’s respect. But it’s not love. It’s not unconditional love for sure! It’s not the love of Christ.

I think today our society really doesn’t even know what love is. Certainly, in most marriages, people think “love” fades and goes away which leads to divorce. But true love is a choice. Love gives. Love is an action.

I guess in that sense, “getting some love” might make more sense but it’s still a stretch.

I know I am nit-picking but I want people to think biblically rather than like this world.

-Mark (striving to think more like God who is The Truth in Love)

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  1. March 24, 2011 at 1:14 am

    I completely agree!

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