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We homeschool now. But what most people do not know is that I was against it in the beginning. After all, “I went to public schools and I turned out all right.” But did I?

When I consider what I truly believed, I was more a product of the government school system than my family’s Christian values. Devout Christians, my parents had much less influence upon me than my public education because I embraced abortion, euthanasia, legalization of certain drugs, drinking alcohol, and other such things. Was I thinking more like a Christian or like a public citizen?

So, why do we homeschool now? Not because we are afraid of anything! We homeschool out of faith in God – that as we teach our children what the Bible really says and what it means to be a Christian, that they will decide for themselves knowing that we want our influence to be greater than society’s.

We think this is our reasonable service of being good stewards of the children the Lord has given to us. We hope they impact their world for His glory.

Can my wife and I make two salaries and have substantially more income? Yes. But why don’t we both work outside the home? For the glory of God with the hope that our children are going to become passionate about their faith and use their abilities to lead lost souls to Christ.

It’s worth the sacrifice. Plus, it’s fun to be with your children so much, especially while they are young!

-Mark (letting you in on the secrets of homeschooling, like playing games in the morning before work and school start – how many dads get to do that?)

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