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Consumer Jesus?

So many people are trying to make money off of Jesus and they have a mindset of consumerism using Jesus as the selling piece. But is He for sale? Should they make money off of what they think Jesus is all about? What would Jesus Himself say about this?

I think you and I know what He would say…He would certainly disapprove because He wants people to KNOW Him not use Him for temporary riches (John 17:3).

We cannot domesticate Jesus. He was and is (since He’s still alive) a RADICAL. There is nothing tame or middle-class about Jesus!

Jesus said all kinds of things that ran people off quite frankly because they didn’t understand Who He was. That’s the key. If you don’t understand Who He is, then you will simply try to make money off of Him in this life and make Him into a consumer product. But if you KNOW Him and Who He is, then you know that this temporal life is not it and that there is a righteous Judge to Whom we will all give an account on judgment day (Revelation 20:11-15).

That Great White Throne of Judgment mentioned in Revelation 20:11 will wake up those who do not know Him but sadly, it will be too late.

-Mark (serving Jesus with fear and trembling knowing I am an unworthy servant of the Most High and King of Kings)

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  1. Michael W Olvey
    February 1, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    It seems that I remember a couple of accounts in the gospels where our radical Jesus took a whip made of cord and let it be known what He thought of His being for sale. It wasn’t a pretty site. What actions might He take now???

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