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Heresy: Faith + Obedience = Salvation? No!

I read in a so called “Christian church” bi-monthly newsletter recently that Faith + Obedience = Salvation but that’s not right if they mean “good works” when they say “obedience” which is what the article inferred! That’s heresy!

Repentance from Sins + Faith in Christ alone = Salvation

Some would argue that obedience is the same as repentance but they are different! Repentance accompanies faith and then they produce salvation which next produces OBEDIENCE. Faith produces works of obedience – not obedience producing salvation! Works demonstrate that the salvation was real and always come AFTER salvation for the believer in Christ.

The only thing obedient about repentance is that we need to repent before God but is that what this newsletter meant? If so, then ok. But if not, then I’m concerned. Faith + anything that you or I do as a “work” will not save us!

I’m not picking on these folks but it is an important distinction and you need to know the difference. I only point this out for your spiritual growth and not to pick a fight with these brothers/sisters. I have no beef with them personally but only want you to know the truth! Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal the truth to them!

It’s Jesus Only! Repentance from sin and faith in Him! That produces newness of life and good works/obedience follow!

-Mark (thankful that salvation is NOT dependent upon my good works – in fact, my good works are my problem because I need the righteousness of Christ and His good works!)

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