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3rd Annual TIL Christmas Party

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I really enjoyed our time together at the Christmas party this year! This is always a very special time for me as we gather together. Our ministry is so stretched and divided that we rarely get to be together in one room at one time. So special to spend time with the precious saints of God who came to the party! Thank you for serving the Lord Jesus Christ with us in this ministry! How special!

The highlights for me were singing Silent Night together, playing team games, and hearing all of the testimonies. We heard from 12 different people about what God is doing through TIL! 8 of these 12 people attend different evangelical churches! What unity we have in TIL through Christ and 3 more churches were not even represented due to bad weather and last minute cancellations!

One person told me after the party: “I felt Jesus here tonight.” Another person said, “I was down and depressed for the past 2 days, and almost cancelled, but I am so glad I came because I am up now.” It was such an encouraging time to be with like-minded believers in Christ!

I’m amazed at what the Lord is doing and planning to do in our ministry in 2011. We serve an amazing God who does amazing things with this small, foolish ministry that seeks to exalt and proclaim Him and not ourselves!

We are excited about our 3 new staff members who were introduced at the party: Glenn, Steve, and Michael are really going to provide a boost to this ministry in 2011 and years to come!

We are also excited about our plans in Kenya to plant a church, counseling center, and Bible college!

We are also excited about the new Reconciliation Counseling arm of TIL for 2011! We’ve wanted to do it for 3 years and now have the men and resources to begin fulfilling this vision.

Finally, we are excited about the possibilities to partner with RPM Ministries! Let’s see what the Lord does with this aspect of ministry.

There is just too much to be thankful for and too much to look forward to next year! It’s an incredible time to serve Christ! The needs are great. The harvest plentiful…let’s get out there and labor for the King of Kings!

-Mark (wow! praise Him! thank you to all of our faithful volunteers in this ministry!)

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