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What would Jesus wear for Halloween?

Ok, I was going to ignore this “holiday” but I couldn’t leave it alone. It’s Halloween, or The Devil’s Holiday. This is one of the biggest weekends for the sale of alcohol. People love this holiday because they can dress up like prostitutes, pimps, or pirates, have fun at parties, get candy, do pranks to unsuspecting persons, trick people, and mock death – but should Christians celebrate this holiday?

What would Jesus do?

Better yet, ask yourself this radical question: What would Jesus wear as a costume for Halloween? Would He dress up as a witch or a demon or a ghost or a warlock or a skeleton or a zombie or a pirate or a vampire? Jesus came NOT to celebrate death and evil but to SAVE us from it! Death is the consequence for sin and the EVIL of mankind not something to be mocked and celebrated. This is a twisted holiday in every way.

If you cannot imagine celebrating it and you claim to be a FOLLOWER of Christ and one of His disciples, do what Jesus would do: ignore this day and quietly celebrate the eternal LIFE you have been given.

-Mark (sin, Satan, and death are real to me and none of us can avoid the grave – unless Jesus returns for His bride before we die and I hope He comes back today!)

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