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Great trip to Indiana – thank you for your prayers!

We had a productive time of ministry in Indiana this past week! We were both encouraged and encouraging while there. The Bible is such a great book and resource for counseling! What else is needed?

I’m thankful to have presented on Tuesday about the team concept in biblical counseling. It was well received. In fact, a precious man named Kevin gave his testimony about how he is pursuing NANC certification as a biblical counselor. He is a deaf man and at the end of his testimony, he said: “And the great thing is…I don’t have to do ministry alone,” as he held up my Strength in Numbers: The Team Approach to Biblical Counseling book! All 1200 conference attendees saw the book thanks to this dear brother in Christ! Later that day, I met him and he asked me to come to his church to teach and I told him I would. He said he loved the book and will promote it wherever he goes. What a blessing!

Other great things happened, too, while we were there. I was thrilled to have a 15 minute conversation with Dr. David Powlison, one of the foremost leaders in biblical counseling and at CCEF. He’s a wonderful man, knowledgeable, and humble! He and I got a chance to chat and I learned so much from him in just 15 minutes.

I also met Dr. Bob Kellemen for the first time and many others. One man has a ministry in Kenya and we talked about partnering together to do missions work! That’s been a desire of my heart for several years now and he already has some ministry going in that part of the world. Coincidence? I think not! Sovereign plan of God!

I could go on and on but you get the drift. Like-minded believers who are sold out to Christ and the sufficiency of Scripture for helping hurting souls to overcome their issues by the power of Christ!

-Mark (thank you for your prayers! praise God for His grace!)

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