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Worship: Self or Sacrifice?

When we worship the Lord, are we doing so for ourselves? The very word “worship” indicates living in a sacrificial way for His glory. It is an immoderate way to live in reckless abandon for Him.

Unfortunately, some people today have a selfish view of worship as though worshipping God is all about them not Him.

Do I enjoy worship? Yes. Should you and I enjoy worshipping Him? Yes. But that is a by-product of our worship not our first goal.

I just see a self-centered Christianity in so many today who attend churches and evaluate churches based upon selfish criteria rather than asking the question: Is God pleased? Is God pleased with how we are worshipping Him? If He is not pleased, then He is not being worshipped. True worshippers worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

Sometimes, I sing songs at church and realize the subject I’m singing about is ME and not God at all. I’m singing about what He does for me and how I feel about Him but I’m not singing about Who He is and about Him alone. I want to know Him and I want more of Him – not more of me!

-Mark (wanting more of Christ in me both in spirit and in truth!)

  1. jan spooner
    July 29, 2010 at 3:22 am

    Yeh Mark, so many of the songs we sing ARE more about us than God. Many are so used to those kinds of lyrics that they think it’s the ONLY kind. You have a good format to expose this kind of thing. I sometimes just stop singing…..Praising myself is a bit revolting!

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