God Save America!

Happy 4th of July! Independence Day! But are we in America becoming independent of God?

I love this country. We have been so blessed financially and as believers in Christ, we need to be spreading the Gospel not building bigger homes, getting newer cars, focusing on sports too much, and other selfish pursuits.

I met with a Kenyan family recently who is poor by American standards but they are rich by spiritual standards. They hunger for God.

Also, these Kenyan children are THANKFUL for everything because they have nothing, or very little. Anything makes them grateful. When you have nothing, you are thankful for anything given to you. Ask yourself this: Are your children grateful when they get food on their plates that they do not want or like? Maybe they are but most American kids (mine included) do not eat what they do not like. They are unthankful so it was refreshing for me to spend time with this Kenyan family!

Likewise, sometimes I believe adult Christians are not hungry for God because of so-called “financial blessings” – so-called “blessings” because they make us less spiritually hungry which is NOT a blessing at all!

While people today are saying, “God bless America,” I will be praying “God save America.” If I do say “God bless America,” I will simply mean with “spiritual blessings” not financial. We have enough and we have been very poor stewards of what God has given us. I am asking Him to make me a better steward of His gifts and resources! I am asking Him that He change our hearts to hunger for Him alone.

-Mark (“Please, Lord, save our souls in this country even if that means more of a financial recession.”)

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