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Congressional Bullies

I am as disappointed and upset about the BP oil spill as anyone, especially since I lived in Mobile, AL, for 20 years. I love that area and still have family living there. The area is devastated by all of this.

But after watching the Congress recently bully the BP oil executives around, I got angry. One governing official demanded that the head guy resign. Another official insinuated that in his culture, an executive would be considering suicide, or “haray caray.”

What struck me (among other things) is the lack of grace. But I shouldn’t expect people who have never been touched by God’s grace to be able to give God’s grace to others.

I’m not saying that BP should be given a free pass. Certainly not. They are responsible and this is affecting millions of lives. The leadership at BP is to blame. We all want the responsible parties to fix it.

But that’s just it for us spiritually. We are responsible for our sins but we cannot fix it. Only Christ can fix our sin problem! Praise His Name!

Learn this lesson. Like the oil spill, you are responsible for your sinful choices. And like the oil spill, you cannot fix the problem by yourself. You need Christ! That’s real grace that is found in God not mankind.

-Mark (thankful that Christ alone fixes what I cannot fix – my sin problem)

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