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Missionaries to the United States?

One of my board members told me long ago: “Mark, TIL is a mission. In fact, you are a missionary to the United States.”

When he said that, I kinda thought I got it. But lately, I think I am getting it more and more.

Our message is – Be Transformed by the power of Christ – is a rare message in the form that we teach it. It’s a progressive sanctification message, which is not always immediate deliverance though that happens, but sometimes is a long process of discipleship. God transforms people in His timing and in His way according to His will.

God loves. He wants us to be different today than yesterday. He wants us to be more like His Son, Jesus.

He wants us humble not prideful. Meek not angry. Trusting not fearful. Free not guilty. And much more!

He loves you. I believe He has sent TIL to be missionaries to the U.S. and even to other countries like Kenya, Japan, Ukraine, and Haiti. God is sending TIL everywhere in His timing!

Find out how to join our team and get involved in ministry. Time is short and the harvest is plentiful! Did you get that? You will see fruit in this ministry. His fruit in His ministry!

-Mark (emboldened daily by Christ)

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