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Where in the world is Carmen San Diego…er, Mark?

You can tell I have young children when I refer to Carmen San Diego. Some of you have no idea who or what I’m talking about. That’s ok! You won’t get the joke and it’s really no big deal.

One of the features we are working on with the TIL website is a calendar to show you all where I’ll be teaching so that some of you may join us!

One such special event occurs on Sunday, June 13th, when I’ll be preaching on PRAYER at a Kenyan church pastored by Joseph Kirwa here in Birmingham. The service begins at 3 pm and if you have never been to a church with born-again Africans, then you need to come and experience the love, passion, and kindness of these committed followers of Christ!

I am prayerfully considering a trip to Kenya to begin establishing a church and a biblical counseling ministry in that country in the next year. If you want to serve on our leadership team for that particular out-reach, then please contact us at shirley@histruthinlove.org. We are putting the team together NOW!

-Mark (grateful to teach to hungry souls from Kenya)

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