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Happy Birthday, Mary!

My wife is getting older today…and wiser!

It’s her birthday and I’m so thankful for her. I tell her often that because of her sacrifice, I am able to do TIL. So when a marriage reconciles by God’s grace, my wife has a part in it due to her supportive role for me!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, Mary!

-Mark (not telling her age though she looks so young she could be carded at a rated “R” movie!)

  1. Lisa S Jabbour
    May 23, 2010 at 7:10 am

    Hello Mark and Mary,

    Happy Birthday to Mary!!!!
    I received a call from a lady from Clay Christian Fellowship… she was calling to see how Noel and I were doing and why didnt we let qanyone know that I had been sick.
    Well I found out that you guys are not even there anymore. I was surprised.
    Glad to hear about your new house and all the things that are going on with you all.
    The Lady that called didnt say anything about if you where going to another church or anything. She seemed like she didnt want to tell me anything at all about you all.
    So… do you have another church?
    Let me hear from you soon.

    Your Friend In Christ,


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