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2 New Books to be out – one soon & one later this year!

I am “super excited” about the next 2 books I’ve written being published by Focus Publishing in Minnesota (www.focuspublishing.com).

1) The first one is a Daily Devotional called “Cross Talking” and will be great for ANYONE but especially for “addicts.” We hope to have some copies on hand June 1st at the latest!

2) The second one will be even better, I believe, and will be called “Addiction-proof Parenting.” This one will help parents from young to old tremendously and will be a great tool for anyone wanting to know the mind of an “addict.” How must parents teach their children to think and act? The Bible tells us so and this book will help you to explore that! (note: this one will be out in early fall, I think)

I’m just fired up about them and give ALL of the credit to God for inspiring me to write. I only write to help people and to glorify Him. There’s no other reason to write in my opinion. You do not make much money off of books unless you sell millions of them (I’ve sold about 13,000 in 3 years of all 10 of my books and booklets), but that should never be the motivation to write! It’s always for His glory alone and secondarily to help others (Matt. 22:37-40).

Maybe you have a book inside of you that needs to be written. I encourage you to do so. If God can do it through me, He can do it through you!

-Mark (pumped up and feeling physically better every day – thank you for your prayers)

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