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Mark’s health update (herniated disc surgery – ACF)

Hi, All!

I am almost back. This weekend I could turn my head in almost all directions without much pain and I could put my own socks on for the first time! By contrast, last week, I could barely walk until late on Thursday and needed Tylenol and other pain relief meds every 4 hours as I would awaken to pain every 4 hours. No way I could put my socks or shoes on or really even look down with or without pain – just too stiff and sore in my neck and throat areas.

This week, I plan to continue resting and asking the Lord for strength so that I can go back to “light duty” for TIL next week! (no heavy lifting type of counseling for me for awhile – only light cases!) I will be counseling again and taking on new cases in the near future.

I now know what a “10” feels like in terms of rating your pain. Have you ever been asked by the nurse to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10? I’ve always said, “7” or “6” or something like that. Well, now I know what a “10” feels like so I doubt my pain will ever be very high again when I sprain an ankle again (“4”). Share your most painful experience here by posting to this blog! I really do “feel” your pain now.

It’s amazing what a difference one week makes! Again, I have none of the pain that I was experiencing prior to surgery! None! Now, all I’ve got to do is get my strength & energy back to normal and I’ll be ok. My incision is slowly healing and I’m wearing a medical device to speed up the healing in my neck where the bone was fused.

Mary continues to take great care of me and I’ve really enjoyed being at home for the past 10 days. I have only left the house once or twice in 10 days so it’s been good to be with my family. They may not think so because we’ve been studying the early church in the book of Acts for our family devotionals which have been much more frequent (2x a day sometimes). We are now on chapter 14, I think. We are also reading a C.S. Lewis book out loud, too (The Horse and His Boy) as a family which is fun, too. Yes, my children sit there and listen to Dad read and we discuss it and apply it to our lives!

So, I’m doing very well in all areas, especially spiritually and physically. I’m very grateful for so many who have been praying for us and for Jason, Shirley, Richard, Mary, and Ronny holding down the TIL fort for me. Thanks to Sonya, Jan, Joyce, Genna, and Margaret for helping us by providing meals for our family! What a blessing!

Thank you all again and I’m going to be much more active in TIL in days to come! Looking forward to counseling more in the near future with our Brook Hills graduates and others! I might even counsel with Jason again, too, just a little bit.

-Mark (seeing God’s love through you all during a very difficult period of time in my life and thanking Him for you all)

  1. Rosemary Gavin
    May 5, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    PTL, He is so good to us all, I share in your joy in the Lord for His constant care through the love of the body!Along with His healing powers and special time with your family.
    Love in Christ,

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