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It all comes down to the reason why

Why do we need drug prevention for kids?

Because they are “biologically predisposed” or because they are “predisposed to be sinners.” We don’t sin and become sinners; rather we are born with a sinful nature as sinners and therefore we sin.”

In other words, we all belong to Satan and are destined for hell UNLESS God intervenes by His grace by providing a Savior. We need to be saved from the reality of hell in the next life.

Aren’t you glad we get a second chance?

So the reason why kids try drugs and become addicted to it is because of their sin nature. The first choice to do drugs/alcohol is an act of the will and not just a biological predisposition. That’s not to say that there are not biological components because there are, but the FIRST decision belongs to the person’s will.

This should give us great hope as Christians because God changes our will and our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. And He puts His Spirit within us for us to have the ability to obey Him.

-Mark (God’s Word makes sense)

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