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David vs. Goliath (part 1)

Sometimes, this is how we feel – like David when he was facing Goliath.

The world was scoffing at God by challenging God’s people, the Israelites to a battle. God’s people were fearful because they were focused upon Goliath, not God.

Today, the secular world scoffs at Scripture and champions psychology though the results for “therapy” are meager even after spending 10 years paying for counseling. Also, for some reason, God’s people are AFRAID of psychology, the Goliath in this analogy.

Why do we fear psychology? Why? Because we aren’t focused on Jesus Christ. We are looking at Goliath rather than God. We are looking at psychology and its claims rather than the Word of God which is the truth that never changes and sets the captives free.

But guess what? God sent a weak, shepherd boy to slay Goliath and his lies of fear.

Today, God has sent a weak ministry (TIL) into the world to slay psychology and all of its psychological falsehoods that oppose the true Word of God.

Which side do you want to be on?

-Mark (thankful the power does not come from me but from Almighty God)

  1. Bill Mann
    January 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Well Said!!

  2. Rosemary Gavin
    January 22, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Thank you Mark for your example as you follow after Christ and live a God centered life. The Word inspires me to be a discple of Christ and then humbly learn to disciple others.Love of God and love of neighbor.

  3. A.J.
    January 24, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    If one turned to psychological principles RATHER than God, I would be able to wholeheartedly agree with you, but how is the utilization of what we’ve come to understand about the human mind and its functions (with regard to its fallen form)any different than how we have for centuries accepted/embraced physical assistance from what others have learned about the human body (e.g., medicine, with regard to the ‘natural’ state of degeneration and pain)? God calls us to be healers, carers for the sick, the brokenhearted, those whose bodies and minds are, for example, carrying a burden from years of abusive treatment or painful memory, or biologically imposed suffering (as God said the fall is found in all of nature—meaning the animals, plants, body/mind processes), etc. Psychological principles should never substitute for God’s place in healing anymore than physical food should ever substitute for the Word of God—but is psychology an evil form any more than medicine or food or is it in the way we use these things (e.g., addiction), why we turn to it, what purpose it serves rather that must be called out to accountability? I would say the answer would vary as well by each individual. Would be more than open, seeking dialogue on this subject, as I’m in a Master’s program for counseling psychology and don’t want to work against God in any way.

  4. January 25, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Hi, A.J.,

    Let’s get together soon to dialogue about this because I am not angry at you and love your heart, Brother! I appreciate your response here and believe as Christians, we can disagree, discuss, and love each other while still remaining unified around Christ. I’m all about unity in the body of Christ but it’s unity around Him and the Gospel which I believe is being undermined in a subtle way by Satan using psychology.

    Now, here’s my answer to some of the comments in your post. First, people are turning to psychological principles RATHER than to God because “psychology” means “study of the soul” but it embraces THEORIES of men who hated God, excused sin, and point people away from forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation, and real eternal healing.

    Second, as you say “is psychology an evil form any more than mediciane or food” and the answer is “yes.” You cannot equate psychological THEORIES and IDEAS to medicine and food, which are REAL, tangible things. Medicine and food are physical realities and you can hold them in your hand, but you cannot hold a psychological theory or idea in your hand. Therefore, it is different because these “ideas” OFTEN oppose the Scriptures. For example, is man born with a clean slate? (Rom. 3:23; Gen. 5:3; I Cor. 15:49) Does man really need to have his so-called needs met to be “self-actualized”? Was Jesus “self-actualized”? I’m not being mean here but I want to challenge you to think through these IDEAS of man that oppose God’s Word.

    Third, you say “what we’ve come to understand about the human mind and its functions” is in agreement with the Bible IF it’s real science. I personally don’t like the term “mind” because the Bible deals with the heart which includes the mind and much more. Psychology attempts to separate the mind out from the soul and deal with the brain. To be honest, in my studies, I do not see much that we really know about the brain and our minds in psych research literature. It’s chocked full of ideas, speculations, and theories. They do know a little bit about the brain and its neurochemicals (i.e. dopamine) but they really don’t know a lot. They are “practicing medicine” based upon man-centered theories and not upon the Word of God.

    Do people have hurts? Yes. Have people been abused, brokenhearted, and mistreated? Yes. But do they need brain-altering chemicals or the TRUTH of the Gospel that heals the broken-hearted by acknowleding sin and wrong-doing in the world (their own sin and others who sin against them) and offering forgiveness through Christ? Which is more important ETERNALLY: medicine now or forgiveness/salvation both now and later?

    I want people to know that I am more PRO-Christ than anti-psychology, but I am concerned that psychological lies lead people away from Him and I’m willing to look foolish for His sake if necessary (though I don’t prefer it!).

    Brother, I urge you. Let’s get together, pray, and discuss these things. I know you are a sold out believer for His glory!

    I’m teaching a class on this on Tuesday nights beginning on Feb. 2nd! I want you there if you can be there. I’ll be at CHC on Wed. Let’s meet!

    In the truth and love of Christ,

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