Pet Peeves?

Have you ever thought about the idea of “pet peeves”?

It seems to me that a “pet peeve” simply causes the one who has the pet peeve to be disappointed, frustrated, and angry.

In other words, it’s like saying: “I’m going to be mad when…(insert the pet peeve here)…happens because I hate that.” It’s like setting yourself up for pre-anger to the actual event.

I think we all need to chill out, let go of our so-called “rights” because Christians don’t have rights anymore, and seek to please God no matter what someone does – even if it is a “pet peeve.” We need to show God’s love at all times at all costs. Remember Jesus’ instruction about turning the other cheek?

Let’s set ourselves up to do what’s right no matter what happens and to overcome evil with good (Rom. 12:21).

-Mark (peeved at “pet peeves”)

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